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Miyakojima shore excursions

Top Choices for Miyakojima Shore Excursions, Day Trips & Tours from Cruise Port

There is no other place in Japan that you can experience the beach paradise as Miyakojima. With the special location surrounded by the Pacific Ocean with a 100-kilometer long coastal line, this island is perfect for a vacation. Instead of being overloaded like Okinawa main island, Miyakojima is pristine heaven to explore. Escape the bustling usual lifestyle to spend time soaking in the crystal clear sea water, while admiring abundant underwater ecosystem. Not only famous for beautiful landscapes with blue ocean and green cliffs, but Miyakojima also has amazing lively coral reefs. Moreover, the sea water is warm all year round with a mild temperature ranging around 25 Celsius degrees. Miyakojima shore excursions introduce various unexpected experiences and spectacular attractions.

  • Maehama Beach – the best beach for swimming and leisure water sports with calm waves and impressive sunsets
  • Yoshino Beach – the most suitable beach to go snorkeling with colorful fishes and abundant coral reefs
  • Sunayama Beach – the most splendid beach lined up by rock formations
  • Cape Higashi-Hennazaki – provide a spectacular view standing a steady lighthouse
  • Irabu, Ikema and Kurima bridges – the three bridges connect to Miyako’ smaller neighboring islands

With Japan Shore Excursions, you can freely choose the best tours from Miyakojima port as suggested below. In case you are interested in other attractions on the island, please contact us. Then, we will together create a tailor-made tour of Miyakojima shore excursions as your demand.

Miyakojima Shore Excursions

Miyakojima Island Discovery