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Tsuruga shore excursions

Highlighted Tsuruga Shore Excursions, Day Trips & Tours from Cruise Port

For overall, Tsuruga is a beautiful harmony of long-term history, natural landscapes, and scared religious sites. In addition to the clear blue coastline, this place shines brightly with lush green forests and abundant ecosystem in wetlands. Get a glimpse into the past by enjoying a trip to explore dozens of well-preserved temples in this holy land. Moreover, Tsuruga shore excursions bring cruisers to various surprises including both sightseeing and local experiences.

  • Kehi Jingu Shrine – the chief guardian shrine of the region which has one of three biggest wooden torii gates in Japan
  • Kanegasakigu Shrine – well-known for its cherry blossoms viewing during spring
  • Tsuruga Red Brick Warehouse – represents for the region’ culture, history, and cuisine
  • Bamboo Doll Village Echizen Take Ningyo – includes a workshop, studio, gallery, and souvenir boutiques about craftsman dolls

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