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Having the second largest underground hot springs in the world only after Yellowstone National Park in America, Beppu has considered as “The capital of onsen” with more than 2,900 hot waterfalls reach up to 99.5 Celsius degrees. Instead of serving as places for bathing, Beppu hot springs are mostly tourist attractions. Because its temperature is hotter than human endurance which causes smoke rising and water surface bubbly boiling all the time. Most of On Beppu shore excursions include a visit to one of nine “hells” hot springs, especially some most famous below.

  • Umi Jigoku & Kamado Jigoku with the unique color of milky blue
  • Oniishibozu Jigoku with mud bubbles on the surface of boiling water
  • Oniyama Jigoku – home to a variety of crocodiles
  • Chinoike Jigoku – known as the blood pond hell thanks to its red water
  • Tatsumaki Jigoku – the “spout hell” with boiling hot water erupts

Besides hot springs, Beppu also has other attractive places to visit. Takasaki Monkey Park is a small-scale monkey kingdom, while Umitamago (Marine Palace Aquarium) is the most popular aquarium in Japan. Moreover, reach Beppu Ropeway Station to admire the spectacular view over the city with the natural scenery changes through seasons. Pink porcelain cherry blossoms in spring, burning-red leaves in autumn, and perfect white snow in winter cover the whole area.

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Beppu Shore Excursions

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Beppu Shore Excursions

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