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Akita shore excursionsTop Choices for Akita Shore Excursions, Day Trips & Tours from Cruise Port

Akita is an unpopular destination in Japan, but it does not mean this city is lack of interesting things. In fact, Akita is a bustling hub with a dense network of transportations, shopping areas, and amazing economy. Contrast to modern life, Akita is a beautiful city with verdant mountains, scenic hot springs, and unique culture. In Akita shore excursions, visitors need to be ready for dozens of wonderful experiences.

Get a glimpse of the local history and traditional culture through many folklore museums such as Namahage Museum and Shinzan Folklore Museum. These museums let visitors know more about Akita ancient legends and myths of kami. They are the deities but in demon appearances who play an important role in the spiritual life of local people. Then, climb up to the top of Mount Kanpu to catch the panoramic view over Akita Bay and the city under your foot. Visit Sake Brewery to taste the best flavor of sake – a Japanese unique wine made from the traditional making process.

Cover all of these experiences, Akita Shore Excursion itineraries provided by Japan Shore Excursions are the best choices for any cruiser docking at Akita port, Japan. Enjoy our excellent services and spend a day exploring this mysterious land. In case you want to make some changes or create your own shore excursion, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experts will design a new perfect itinerary.