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Tokushima shore excursions

Highly Recommended Tokushima Shore Excursions, Day Trips & Tours from Cruise Port

Due to being the starting point of Shikoku Pilgrimage, this holy place is the most sacred part of Shikoku Island. Because of its spiritual meaning, there are dozens of ancient temples and shrines along with enriched culture across the city. Besides, Tokushima also marks an impression for a wonderful nature theme that no place else can compare. Not only including beautiful beaches, splendid whirlpools, breathtaking valley, and summer festival Awa Odori, but Tokushima shore excursions also cover many highlighted attractions.

  • Naruto Whirlpools – magical nature-born waves separating in different ways
  • Awa Odori festival – thousands of people gather on the streets to dance for 4 days
  • Wakimachi – the old-fashioned idyllic town with wooden Japanese houses
  • Ryozen-ji Temple – the begin and finish point of Shikoku pilgrimage through 88 temples
  • Awa Puppet Theater – enjoy performances of Bunraku puppet

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Tokushima Shore Excursions

Tokushima Highlights Tour

Tokushima Shore Excursions

Tokushima from Ancient to Modern

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