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Otaru shore excursions

Various Choices of Otaru Shore Excursions, Day Trips & Tours from Cruise Port

Was formerly the trading hub of Hokkaido, Otaru was the center of commerce between its homeland with Russia and China. Nowadays, even though its economic development has been a slowdown, foreign culture still marks a bold point in Otaru’ lifestyle. Especially, the city attracts with instagramable spots including Western-style buildings of stone and brick lining up by a picturesque canal. In fact, there is not such a place like Otaru in Japan, uniquely impressive with an exotic old-fashioned atmosphere. So, Otaru shore excursions are full of wonderful experiences and picturesque landmarks that worth your visit.

  • Otaru Canal – the most famous sightseeing spot. Spend time hopping on a small boat along this fantastic canal
  • Nishin Goten – the former Herring Fishery Manson
  • Mt. Tengu Ropeway – provides a spectacular panoramic view overlooking to the ocean
  • Sakaimachi-dori Shopping Street – enjoy both your gourmet and shopping time
  • Otaru Sake Brewery – taste the famous traditional Japanese wine

We have a variety of Otaru shore excursions for cruise passengers to choose their favorite one. In case you would like to change the itinerary, please contact us here. Then, you will get a reply for your tailor-made toursfrom Otaru port within 24 hours. For more tours in other ports, visit Japan Shore Excursions.

Otaru Shore Excursions

Otaru City Sightseeing

Otaru Shore Excursions

The Best of Otaru

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