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Nagoya shore excursions

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Despite being the fourth most populous city in Japan, Nagoya seems to be a newbie in the world travel map. However, various wonderful highlights dominate this metropolitan and industrial center that is regret if you miss any of them. Although Nagoya hides under the shadow of its sibling powerhouses Tokyo and Osaka, the living standard here is much higher than many other areas, leading to local’ awareness on preserve traditional landmarks is raised a lot. Contrast to its manufacturing roots, Nagoya is a peaceful city with green parks and serene spaces. Moreover, Nagoya shore excursions cover numerous highlights such as an iconic castle, interesting museums, symbolize temples, vibrant shopping malls…

  • Nagoya Castle – this reconstructed landmark is the symbol of Nagoya with emerald-roofed elegant appearance
  • Arimatsu – a historic townscape home to traditional tie-dyed fabric
  • Tokugawa Art Museum – exhibits the ancient treasures of feudal lords in the past
  • Korankei – best visit in autumn with a spectacular view over the valley
  • JR Central Towers – the iconic twin towers represent for Nagoya’ economic development

Japan Shore Excursions recommends many interesting tours from Nagoya port. There are plenty of other highlights in this city that you can share your favorite itinerary with us. Then, we are willing to support you and bring new tailor-made Nagoya shore excursions which meet your needs.

Nagoya Shore Excursions

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