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Aburatsu Miyazaki shore excursions

Best Miyazaki Shore Excursions, Day Trips & Tours from Cruise Port

Even though being quite less famous, Miyazaki is the land of myths to visit and discover the traditional Japanese culture. Especially, this place is a perfect getaway that the cultural capital Kyoto becomes overrun of visitors nowadays. Because of its lack of well-known fame, Miyazaki has countless surreal natural landmarks that have not been exploited yet. Passing through coastal roads, drive through impressive bridges, and experience the truly legendary land of Miyazaki. Particularly, Miyazaki shore excursions cover an amazing number of magnificent landscapes and sightseeing attractions including gorges, shrines, castles, old towns…

  • Obi Castle Ruins – enjoy a step back to the old glory time of this elegant stone-wall structure
  • Aoshima Island – an adorable island near Nichinan coastline, famous for red-covering Aoshima Shrine hiding among tropical shrubs
  • Samurai Houses in Obi Old Town – explore the former residence of samurai families
  • Takachiho Gorge – the surreal natural scenery with splendid high cliffs create a mysterious trench for boats to rowing down
  • Udo Shrine – a small shrine locating in the coast looking out over the sea

Our travel experts recommend Miyazaki shore excursions which cover all of these attractions above and other highlights. Choose your favorite one and leave a request, or contact us to customize a new tour from Miyazaki port. If your ship also docks in other ports in Japan, visit our Japan shore excursions for more shore excursions.

Miyazaki Shore Excursions

Mysterious Land of Miyazaki

Miyazaki Shore Excursions

Explore Hyuga Nature & History

Miyazaki Shore Excursions

The Best of Miyazaki