Best Places to View Mount Fuji


Mount Fuji, the iconic landmark of Japan, is one of the top famous mountains on the Earth. Along with Mount Tate and Haku, Fuji is one of “three holy mountains” of Japan. The mountain is also considered as a “sacred mountain” or “mountain of God” bringing good luck for Japanese. The Mount Fuji is definitely a must-see hotspot in Japan shore excursions.
Are you seeking for best places to view Mount Fuji? There are a countless number of spots to see Fuji in the best views. In every different position, you will have great views from distinctive angles and get your own best photographs of Fuji. The most famous places to view the mountain such as Hakone, Mihono beach or Lake Kawaguchiko are available in Shimizu shore excursions. Below is a list of the best spots to overlook Mount Fuji for your reference!

Hakone – the most popular places to see Mount Fuji

Hakone is famous worldwide as a resort town nearby Mount Fuji with many onsens. From Lake Ashi – Hakone’s iconic floating shrine, you can capture landscape shots of the mountain Fuji combined with the lake and enjoy a nice view of the whole Fuji. You can also sightsee from boats on the lake for another unique experience. Owakudani is also a good place in Hakone to get a clear view of Mount Fuji. In Owakudani, travelers can also join in adventurous tours in a hiking trail to the peak of Mount Kamiyama and Komagatake, then taking ropeway down to Lake Ashi. Gotemba Premium Outlets is a convenient spot to view Fuji while discovering the most outlet mall of Japan from fashion, food to sports. Not so far from Hakone, the place is ideal for shopping besides indulging in Fuji beauty.


Mount Fuji Five Lake Region

Fuji Five Lake region is one of few areas giving you a breathtaking view of “Double Diamond Fuji”. At this point, you will see the reflection of Mount Fuji on the lake as the sun touches the peak. The region offers the best views of Fuji by differently special lakes and spots.

Lake Kawaguchiko

The lake Kawaguchiko is well developed in a total of 5 lakes in Fuji Five Lake Region, offering an excellent view of Fuji. It is highlighted in 36 views of Mount Fuji and you can clearly see Fuji’s reflection. For the best view on the lake, you can go to the north shore offering the most beautiful scene of the mountain Fuji over the water.

Lake Yamanakako

The largest lake in Fuji Five Lake – Yamanakako is the easternmost of the area offering the excellent views of Fuji. The most popular spot for the awesome view is Panorama Dai observation point nearby a parking lot halfway up to the mountain.

Oshino Hakkai

As a middle point between Lake Kawaguchiko and Yamanakako, the village Oshino Hakkai has an important location. Thus, the village gives a harmony scene of nature and human-made. Far away is the scenery of Fuji Mount along with thatched roofs of Hannoki Bayashi Shiryokan as an open-air museum.


Tokyo Sky Tree – view Mt. Fuji blurred in the mist

Tokyo Sky Tree, the highest building of Japan, is also the absolute best place to enjoy the breathtaking view of Mount Fuji. You can have a chance to enjoy the nice colorful view of not only the whole city but also the famous Fuji symbol.

Chureito Pagoda – spectacular Mt. Fuji view with cherry blossoms

A spectacular view of Fuji is also from Chureito Pagoda where you can see a picturesque landscape of 2 national symbols: cherry blossoms and Fuji. A perfect day for Fuji view seekers may start at the lake, through Pink Moss festival and then the Chureito Pagoda. The five-story pagoda is on the mountainside straightly overlooking Fuji mount and is also among the most highlighted places for enjoying cherry blossom, especially mid-April. A beautiful view of Fuji is truly spectacular with support of the national flower. You should not miss it because it is definitely one of the most iconic views of Mt. Fuji.


Mihono Matsubara (Miho Beach)

Miho, included in the World Heritage site, is well known for shots of Fuji combined with the pine tree along Miho Beach. Walking along the trail on the tree-lined beach, you can capture majestic photos of the mountain. You will be in love with the uniqueness and loveliness of the pine trees to lovely black sand, cool sea, and blue mountain. Enjoying the view over Fuji on Miho Beach is really priceless!

Fuji Shibazakura Festival

It is no longer a combination of water and mountain. Moreover, Fuji Shibazakura Festival offers a completely new scene of Fuji with a combination of flower, lake, and mountain. The annual festival Fuji Shibazakura is a colorful and romantic spot with large fields of pink moss. It is about 3 kilometers from Lake Motosuko in Fuji Five Lakes region. Moreover,  offering majestic views of fields of Shibazakura followed by Fuji Mount. The great color of the pink moss decorates for the outstanding Fuji in the backdrop, creating a wonderful landscape.

Mount Fuji Shibazakura Festival