Top 5 Beautiful Places to Capture Tokyo Tower

Top 5 Beautiful Places Take Photos Tokyo Tower

Every tourist wants to take photos of must-see sights and landmarks as a memorial about their trip. Come to Tokyo, one of the most famous places to check-in is Tokyo Tower. Photos in guide books are always gorgeous and looked incredible. It’s not easy to capture these stunning photos, especially when most travel bloggers having professional equipment. However, Japan Shore Excursions will help you to find the best photo spots to capture Tokyo Tower. Visiting these places during sunset, sunrise, and clear days is recommended for photogenic insights.

Tokyo World Trade Center

Talk about the World Trade Center, people usually imagine a boring place with crowds of businessman and documents. Otherwise, the Tokyo World Trade Center has an Observation Deck on the top which provides a photogenic view over the city. Thanks to the special position of the city’ central, visitors standing on the top floor can enjoy the fantastic city view with the best angle of Tokyo Tower only a few blocks away.


Odaiba Seaside Park

Odaiba Island is heaven to go shopping and entertain with several attractions. From the island, visitors can enjoy the view over the sea with Tokyo Tower far away. Besides, the Rainbow Bridge is also nicely seen. Check out the angle from the path along the water of Odaiba Seaside Park to capture wonderful photos with Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower behind. Especially, in the evening, the area is fascinatingly lighted up with thousands of lights.

Sakuradori Street

Sakura-Dori Street is one of the most visited streets in Tokyo where lined up by hundreds of cherry blossom trees, offering a wonderful place to hanami – sakura watching in spring. The road directly leads to the iconic landmark of Tokyo Tower and the areas surrounding. You have dozens of beautiful angles to capture wonderful photos with a pink-porcelain background and a massive red-appearance structure behind. Many crosswalks are available for a photo-capture chance. However, turn your awareness and do not put yourself in a dangerous situation.

Sakuradori Street Capture Tokyo Tower

Zojoji Temple

In a traditional-remained country like Japan, there is nothing more interesting than admiring modern technology combining with ancient values. Tokyo Tower can be seen from the foreground of Zojoji Temple creating one of the most iconic perspectives to take photos of the tower. From the ground in front of the Main Hall, visitors can capture the full view of the ancient temple and the massive structure of Tokyo Tower behind. Besides, many unique angles across Zojoji Temple and Shiba Park nearby provide the chance for photo-hunters. The sight is incredibly beautiful in the light of early morning and evening.

Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills

Thanks for the special location in the highland of Roppongi Hills, Mori Tower delivers a clear vision overlooking to Tokyo Tower and areas nearby. The observation deck here is one of the best ones in Tokyo which is excellent in the sunset, sunrise, and afternoon with the perfect light to take some shots. There are two observation decks to choose: the indoor Tokyo City View and the open-air Sky Deck, both worth-visiting.


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